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The power of Accountability

Updated: Apr 10

Get yourself a gym buddy. When you are doing something for yourself, it is easy to let yourself off the hook. It becomes more challenging to skip when you link arms with someone and tell them your goals because they keep you in check and you don't want to let them down.

One of my favourite accountability partners is a gym buddy. Having a gym buddy makes all the difference because they support and encourage you to reach the goal you set for yourself.

gym outfit, girl holding water bottle, sneakers

Together you can:

-Push each other to up the weight

-Mix in good chats

-Show up for each other

-Feel more confident in the gym setting

-Try different exercises and routines

-Help you with your form

Not to mention, it is fun to have matching work out sets. There are so many gym buddy benefits. The motivation doubles because it can be a socializing time in your busy life.

Find yourself someone who has similar goals as you and go crush them!

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