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My Stomach Hurts...

Updated: Apr 10

Who can relate to having stomach issues?

This was a sentence I said multiple times a day for years. FINALLY, I found the answer to keeping my stomach under control, and today I am going to tell you how.

My body reacted to food in the worst way. I never knew if what I ate would make me bloated, feel sick, feel stomach pain, or cause inflammation. I just wanted to feel good and not worry about food all day long. My body was in an uncomfortable state for a very long time.

I was diagnosed with IBS, which stands for irritable bowel syndrome. Anyone who has this diagnoses knows it is very broad. There is a lot of experimenting on your own and so many mysteries along with it.

During my long journey of figuring out my stomach, these were the things I did to search for answers.

-Took food logs

-Went to see my doctor often

-Got blood work done

-Saw a natural path

-Had a stomach coach

-Changed my diet to organic/gluten-free/dairy-free

-Experimented with foods

-Used apps to track my body's reactions

I honestly could not find ANY answers. Someone suggested I try Arbonne's Green Gut Glow bundle and I had low expectations since nothing ever worked but I was desperate.

Little did I know, this would literally change my life. These products not only prevented all my symptoms but they completely healed my gut.

girl sitting holding a drink

It consists of 3 products.

-Superfood greens

-pre/probiotic gut health

-collagen skin elixir

The nutrients and ingredients are seriously mind-blowing.

Now, I have my bloating under control and I don't feel sick. I take this every day and I finally feel like myself again. Since my stomach and gut are healing and regulated, my moods have been way better as well.

If you want the link here is the magical drink that cured all my terrible stomach issues!!

You will thank me later...

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