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5 Travel Tips You Should Know

Grab that passport! After these travel tips you will be better prepared for your upcoming flight. Being ready for your trip will allow you to be excited instead of stressed. These are some tips that I have experienced and do myself. Here are a few "know before you go' travel reccomendations:

airplane window seat view girl

5. What to wear on the plane

Wear layers that you can take off or put on. Often planes are either very warm or super chilly. I always go for a comfy outfit so that I'm not uncomfortable during the flight. However, if I am taking a carry on, I wear my thicker clothing that takes up the most space imy bag. FYI- Your jacket can act as a blanket or a pillow. 

4. Mobile check in

You can check in to your flight and have that prepared prior to going to the airport. This is a super helpful step. Have the apps downloaded and you can have an electronic boarding pass on your phone. Make sure it is charged and that you have a charger for your phone. 

3. Save time & money - take a carry on!

If you can pack light, take a carry on. This saves you so much time since you do not need to go through the process of baggage drop off and baggage claim. Not to mention your bag won't get lost. You can get travel sized containers to use for your toiletries if you have liquids larger than the required amount for carry ons. You can also roll your clothes up tight and strategically sort your things!

2. Plan your outfits while packing

Pack clothes you will actually wear. You do not need a million pairs of pants or a skirt you haven't put on in 5 years. Pack basics, plan outfits, and make sure you check the weather. What I do is I figure out what our trip itinerary consists of and then I plan my daily outfits around that. Then I add in some lounge wear or extra outfits just in case. This helps with keeping you and your clothes organized and ready to go. 

1.Book the trip!

Choose the place you want to go to and book the trip. You can find good deals or book through a travel agency but make sure the place you choose is nice, affordable, and safe. Often people think too hard and contemplate if they should book it or not, I have never regretted any trip! 

After these 5 travel tips, you will be all set to go! Enjoy your trip and have a safe flight.

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